Our promo service can be used in order to study and analyze the digital promo campaigns at the highest possible levels. This system is a very secure promotional tool to distribute music to people from all over the world. Our focus is to create the right campaign for every artist, so he can reach the most amount of people without worries.


We will design and also manage your email list. This means we will make it easy for your music to get in the inbox of various people from all over the world. It’s extremely important for us to make sure that you are always happy with the results. We also import the contact database from CVS files, and you will have access to it without worries. On top of that, we also provide IP tracking, something that will offer you the certainty that all content was delivered and received by the recipient.


It’s very important for every artist to know how his promotional service went. And we are here to help, since we always collect all the feedback from the promo release. What this means is that you can see the number of opens and clicks, you can track downloads, previews and many others. We create reports with charts, percentages and other tools designed to offer a clear insight into how all the process went and how the results appear. Plus, you can also receive reactions in your inbox right away if you want. All this data mentioned above is stored in your User Control Panel and you can also download it as a report whenever you see fit.


01 Month

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  • MAX sending Email 200
  • Max lists 1
  • Max subscribers 200
  • Max campaigns 2
  • Maximum upload size per file 20 MB
  • Server SMTP


9,901 Month

All the basics for DJ to get started with email marketing

  • MAX sending Email 1000
  • Max lists 3
  • Max subscribers 1000
  • Max campaigns 3
  • Maximum upload size all file 50 MB
  • Server SMTP


49,901 Month

Advanced features for professionals who need unlimited marketing capability

  • MAX sending Email 15000
  • Max lists 10
  • Max subscribers 15000
  • Max campaigns 20
  • Maximum upload size all file 200 MB
  • Server SMTP
  • Email Validation Tool