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Boiler Underground Records is a music label from Italy focused on helping people get immediate access to the best and coolest music out there.

We are focused on offering high quality music to people that really enjoy it, while also bringing in a lot of creativity and a fresh perspective. We cover techno, melodic techno, minimal, hard techno, tech house and deep house music, among many others.

Our label is upbeat and young, and we strive to help artists promote their music according to the European traditions. We work very hard to offer all the assistance and support needed for innovative, high quality artists. Our commitment is to high quality results and we always want to offer the best experience and the utmost value on the market. We have a winning mindset and we always focus on bringing in front the underground artists that need all the promotion they can get.

We are all about sharing the best of the best out there, without bringing in commercial music like a lot of labels do. Boiler Underground Records is always focused on helping people with a lot of promise and which work very hard to show their value.

We are all about assisting original artists with their career and helping them push things to the next level. We also have an eye out for diverse and outstanding content, and it’s important for us to set a very high bar when it comes to value, quality and professionalism.

In addition, we believe it’s crucial to provide a very good user experience and always offer the right support as it’s needed. We value the communal spirit and we always help people that show a lot of promise, but which need help to rise to the top.

Boiler Underground Records also harnesses the power of the internet and all of its promotional tools to bring in an astounding, professional marketing service unlike never before. We have a large, faithful customer base that’s extremely excited with the premise and quality of our music.

Boiler Underground Records is one of the few labels that grasp their time, all while offering their fans access to the best music on the market!